All You Wanted to Know about the BHBC Music Ministry (and more)

In way of reminder….

The church voted for THREE representatives from the 9:15 service, one of whom is an alternate; and FOUR representatives from the 10:45 service, one of whom is an alternate.  (Alternates will attend all meetings but can NOT vote.)

Also, the BHBC Bylaws state that Chairmen of both Personnel and Deacons are automatic members.

Below are the seven members of the Search Team followed by the two alternates. They are presently in the process of scheduling their first meeting. Pray for everyone of them.  Often.  nw

Representing the 9:15 service:

Glenna Applewhite
Mary Satterwhite

Representing the 10:45 service:

Mark Finkner
Jay Jacobus
Chris Slayton

Ex-officio Members:

Harry Bruton, Chairman of Personnel
Ron Ward, Chairman of Deacons


Duane Locke, alternate (9:15 service)
Dan Johnson, alternate (10:45 service)

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