All You Wanted to Know about the BHBC Music Ministry (and more)

MUSIC NOTES: 12.23.14


How many times have you gotten to hear St. Nick speak on Christmas Eve?

Well, join me tomorrow evening, 12/24, at 5pm in the BHBC Worship Center (54th & Slide Rd.). This will be a throwback, of sorts, to all those years in Youth Ministry when, every Wed. evening, I led the music, then promptly preached the message/lesson.

Join me as, after singing a few of our favorite carols, we take just a few minutes and travel back to those dusty Palestinian roads of the early 1st century. Let’s, together, take yet another brief look at Bethlehem. Something is happening there. Something *beyond* us – yet *for* us. We’ll close by singing together the hauntingly beautiful “Christmas Hallelujah” & “Silent Night.”

A harpist & cellist will begin playing about 4:40pm to fill the room with beautiful sounds as we prepare our hearts to encounter our King.

I love you all.

Merry Christmas, St. Nick

BHBC - wide

BHB - close


THIS SUNDAY, 12/28 – ONE SERVICE AT 10:30am  (No Sunday School)




“But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the Lord.” (Jeremiah 30:17)

Just one week ago, this section included a photo of Michelle singing “Hallelujah” during our Christmas Musical on the 14th – it was a picture of God’s continual restoration of our family.

This past Sunday, my daughter, Kelsie, was here. And God continued to move mightily within us. Below is a link to a Facebook post I wrote the following evening. It’s a “letter” to my son.

May what Christ is doing in our lives bring encouragement and hope to all who are hurting.


JOY TO THE WORLD (in 45 seconds)



Adult Choir: We are DONE with rehearsals for 2014! Next rehearsal is Wed., Jan. 7, 2015.

Praise Team: No more mid-week rehearsals until 1/7. But we will meet at 8:30am this Sunday, 12/21.

Handbells: You will NOT play in the Commons this Sunday, 12/21. Next rehearsal: 1/25; 4pm.



Jesus Loves You – So Much… “We can no more catch a hurricane in a shrimp net or Niagara Falls in a coffee cup than we can grasp the [infinite love of God for us.]” – Brennan Manning (one of my all-time favorite quotes)

“Often a work of God comes with two edges: great joy and great pain. And, in that matter-of-fact response, Mary embraced both. She was the very first person to accept Jesus on His own terms, regardless of the personal cost.” – Philip Yancey

“The more I come to terms with the sheer engineering prowess of the cell, the more I am becoming convinced that the argument from biological design is perhaps the single most powerful argument for God’s existence — I now consider it to be stronger than even the cosmological and teleological arguments. ID (Intelligent Design) as a scientific proposition, of course, doesn’t necessitate God as designer. But it is certainly a very compelling part of a cumulative body of evidence for theism. Catching just a glimpse of the beauty and sophistication of the cell should be enough to render absolutely anyone without excuse.” – Jonathan McLatchie (McLatchie holds an honors degree in Forensic Biology, a Masters degree in Evolutionary Biology, and a second Master’s degree in medical and molecular bioscience. Currently, he is a PhD student in cell biology.)



Q:  How much did Santa pay for his sleigh?

A:  Nothing, it was on the house!

Q:  What do you get when you cross an archer with a gift-wrapper?

A:  Ribbon hood.

Q:  Why was Santa’s little helper depressed?

A:  Because he had low elf esteem.

BONUS: My favorite Christmas “Far Side” Cartoon…

Far Side - Wise Men


GRACE NOTES: “The Manger I Never Knew”

“How could i not know everything about the nativity stories in the New Testament? I’ve heard them a hundred times.”

And therein lies the potential for “missing it.” The problem actually lies in the story’s familiarity – we’ve heard it so many times the tendency is to forget or, at best, minimize exactly what “went down” that critical night in Bethlehem.

May this narrative commentary bring depth and richness to your Christmas season.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick

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