All You Wanted to Know about the BHBC Music Ministry (and more)

MUSIC NOTES: 3.24.15


Choir: Lord, I Need You
Preacher: Jim Gerlt



FBC Canton

I served as the Pastor of Music & Youth from 1988-1991 at FBC, Canton. (I was 24 years old when Michelle & I arrived there!)  It was a wonderful experience.  Months ago, I was invited to preach this Sunday, 3/29, as a part of a huge prayer emphasis.  Please pray for me & Michelle as we travel.  Kenneth Wood will lead you this coming Sunday.  I love you all.  nw



Praise Team:  (NOTE the time!)  5:45pm in the Worship Center.

Adult Choir: No Rehearsal: 3/25 due to Encounter Worship Service  (Wonderful rehearsal last Sunday!)

Handbells: Next Rehearsal: this Sunday, 3/29


ENCOUNTER (Sermon link)

For those who had to miss Sunday morning, here is the link to Jimmy Draper’s sermon.  The remaining sermons will be uploaded this week.  NOTE:  the video is “dark” until the :43 second mark.


THE MURDER OF JESUS – Thursday, April 2nd

Murder of Jesus

APRIL 2nd; 7pm; BHBC Worship Center

On the evening before Good Friday, I will present a medical account of Jesus’ death. Only Christ’s love could endure this much suffering. Join me in the BHBC Worship Center.




BHBC Shirt - Female

BHBC Shirt - Male

Should you desire to purchase a shirt, simply follow the link below to my BHBC Web Site page and enter your order information. We will accept orders until April 4th (Easter Sunday). One does not have to be associated with the BHBC Music Ministry to order a shirt. This logo is an excellent tool for prompting conversation about Christ. Cost for each shirt is $25.

Here’s the link to my web page on the BHBC site.  The “button” to click is the first link underneath my photo.  Please make checks out to BHBC.



Not quite – but this is certainly interesting….


RATIO CHRISTI (Latin: “the reason of Christ”)

Excellent blog. Although the interview is more about why women believers should investigate Christian Apologetics, the principles shared apply to all believers.



I am grateful every day that BHBC has allowed me to further my education.  Below is a photo of the number of books I read, and subsequently used, on one of my most recent essays on C.S. Lewis.  My professor for this particular class, Dr. Michael Ward, is one of the foremost authorities on Lewis, and is invited to speak on Lewis at conferences around the globe.  Perhaps I can book him here at BHBC one day.  My other professor, Dr. Mike Licona, is one of the foremost authorities on the single most important event in human history:  the Resurrection of Christ.  More on Dr. Licona later. 🙂

pic of books




Reminder: BHBC will be open every Saturday at 5pm (unless notified otherwise) for prayer-walking.


QUOTE(s) of the WEEK

“Now the trouble about trying to make yourself stupider than you really are is that you very often succeed.” – C.S. Lewis; The Magician’s Nephew; The Chronicles of Narnia

“I know in their own terms what they saw was the raised Jesus. That’s what they say, and then all the historic evidence we have afterwards attests to their conviction that that’s what they saw. I’m not saying that they really did see the raised Jesus. I wasn’t there. But, as a historian, I do know that they must have seen something.” (Watts: Indeed, they did. :)) – Non-Christian, liberal scholar, Dr. Paula Fredriksen; Boston University; quoted by Dr. Mike Licona in an interview with Lee Strobel about the overwhelming historical evidence for the resurrection of Christ. Words in parentheses are mine.

“God desires to reveal to us that His capacity to forgive is bigger than our capacity to sin.” A.W. Tozer – “Where sin increased, grace increased all the more.” (Romans 5:20)

“The Holy Scriptures do not contain individual sayings, but are a whole and can be used most effectively as such…There can be little doubt the brief passages cannot and must not take the place of reading the Scripture as a whole.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Watts:  With the availability today of modern, easy-to-read translations, you’ll have no problem finding one to help you “consume the Bible”. As you read the Bible you will meet a Presence. How do I know this? Because the author of Hebrews wrote, “the Word of God is alive and active.”)

“When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” – C.S. Lewis on having the heart & imagination of a child well into his 50’s.



Naked Minion



GRACE NOTES: “Christ Is Returning. Until then….”


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick

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