All You Wanted to Know about the BHBC Music Ministry (and more)

Yesterday evening, at the conclusion of our Encounter Worship Service, Search Team chairman, Chris Slayton, addressed the people (it was a great crowd), informing them that the Search Team feels they’ve found the right man to be BHBC’s next Lead Pastor.

Chris was unable to announce the man’s name, or where he is presently serving, due to the need for confidentiality.  Although news like this tends to find a way to leak out, BHBC wants to do our part in keeping the man’s personal information quiet since he will not announce this to his present church for a few more weeks.

Really, what Chris shared is all BHBC needs to know right now anyway.  Simply pray for the man and his family.  (God will know who you’re talking about. :))

The last weekend of April is the target date with meetings scheduled throughout i.e. meetings with staff, and a meet-and-greet/question & answer time with the entire church.  The exact itinerary will be published as the weekend nears.

The man will preach both AM & PM services on April 26th, with a vote scheduled to follow the PM service.  This was the same format followed when I came in view of a call 6 years ago.  (Presently, I’m actually the newest staff member.  That’s a good sign, folks.  That means when staff arrive, they don’t want to leave. :))

A final word on what “in view of a call” means…

Different denominations “call” pastors/staff differently.  Although the Bible is quite clear on the principles that should govern the search for any staff member, it does not give a specific “list of steps”.  These “steps” must be derived from said principles.  You can access my recent blog, “Searching for a New Pastor: A Brief Theology”, by clicking here.

Chris mentioned that the Search Team is 100% unified in their decision.  However, the reason a candidate, in Southern Baptist life, comes “in view of a call” is because the Church (not the Search Team) makes the final decision.  I do know men who have gone “in view of a call” and, for various reasons, did not receive the votes necessary to “accept said call.”  I also know men who received near unanimous votes but, for various reasons, decided, themselves, not to accept the “call” and stay where they were.  This is rare – but it happens.  That said, the Search Team has worked very hard on their part.  Now, BHBC (the Body) needs to do its part.  So, please plan on being at the appropriate meetings.  Ask whatever questions you may have.  And then, finally, vote your conviction.

NOTICE:  Nothing  – nothing – will prepare you more effectively for the last weekend in April than prayer.  Remember:  Much prayer = much power; Little prayer = little power; No prayer = no power.

Soli Deo Gloria, Nick


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