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Choir – YES! We sing!  (what we sing will be determined by tomorrow evening’s rehearsal) 🙂

Preacher – Jason



Wed. evening, 9/7, we meet together at a new time:  5:30pm in the Choir Room!  See you there!



“GOD ON MUTE: WHEN GOD IS SILENT” – Wed., 9/7; 6:30pm; Worship Center

Tomorrow evening (9/7) begins the team-teaching effort between Jason & myself.  I will be teaching the first evening (tomorrow).  The overall 6-week study is entitled, “Unanswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions.”  Wed. evening’s lesson tackles the topic of God’s “silence.”  David wrote in Psalm 13:1, “O Lord, how long will you forget me?  Forever?  How long will you look the other way?”  God’s seeming silence can be agonizing.  What do we do when we feel like God is not listening?  Am I the only one who ever feels like God isn’t listening?  Are there examples of God’s silence in Scripture?  All these questions, and more, will be addressed Wed. evening.




5:30pm – Adult Choir Rehearsal

6pm – dessert fellowship in COMMONS

6:30pm – classes begin (Jason & Nick will co-teach a large group, while other “break-out” classes will be meeting as well.)

7:45pm – Dismiss

THURSDAY:  6pm – Praise Team Rehearsal in Worship Center


IN THE EYE OF THE STORM (great new song)


THE BIBLE IN FIVE PARAGRAPHS  (by author, Philip Yancey)

“If we could for a moment set aside preconceptions about the Bible and simply read that huge book as an unfolding story, the plot line might emerge something like this:

In the beginning, God, a Spirit, created the vast world of matter. Of all God’s remarkable works, only human beings possessed a likeness to him that could be called “the image of God.” It was at once a great gift and a great burden, this image of God. Man and woman, spirit-ual beings, could commune directly with God. But of all the species they alone had the freedom to rebel against him.

Rebel they did, and something died inside Adam and Eve that fateful day. Their bodies lived on for years, but their spirits lost the free and open communion with God.

the Bible tells of God’s efforts to restore that fallen spirit. He worked with individual families: first Adam’s family, later Noah’s, and finally Abraham’s family, the central focus of most of the Old Testament. Sometimes the Bible portrays God as a parent raising a child, sometimes as a lover in passionate pursuit, but always it shows him seeking to “break through” to human beings in order to restore what had been lost.

With a few glowing exceptions, the Old Testament recounts failures. But the New Testament opens with a radical move by God: an “invasion,” the birth of Jesus, Jesus represented a whole new beginning. “The second Adam” he was called, the leader of a new species. He at last tore down the barriers and made possible a truce between God and humanity.

After Jesus had left, at Pentecost the Spirit of God descended and filled individual human beings. Thus their fallen spirit was finally restored. More than walking in a garden with human beings, God was now living inside them”



“Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance; the only thing it cannot be is moderately important.” C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock: Christian Apologetics



“I never said most of the things I said.”  Yogi Berra


GRACE NOTES: “You’ll Never See It Coming”

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Soli Deo Gloria, Nick

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