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My dear friends, with the “Building Pledge Campaign” beginning this Sunday, 2/5, I asked Jason if he wouldn’t mind providing me with something to help alleviate any confusion and provide clarity.  He happily agreed.  His note below is, I believe, being published on a wider scale for the entire church to read and prayerfully consider.  Love you all, Nick



Church Family,

As most of you are aware, this Sunday, February 5th, our church begins a Capital Gifts Pledge/Commitment campaign regarding our For The Future building expansion project. This project will provide new discipleship space for all of our aged groups and ministries. The commitment portion of the campaign is an important step in order for us to be able to determine our financial ability to pay for the project as it’s being built, as well the capacity to service the loan upon its completion.

Let me ask you to prayerfully do two things:

First, determine whether or not you believe in this vision. The Holy Spirit speaks to His church and if you have a strong conviction that God is not leading us to take on this project I understand. I recognize the cost of this expansion is large and you may be one of many who are concerned with our ability to carry the debt. Please know, I do not want you to feel pressured to support this project nor should you feel guilty if you are certain we should not pursue this endeavor. We must and we will maintain the peace, unity, and harmony of this church congregation above all things.

Second, if you do believe in this vision, then I challenge you to carefully consider how you and your domestic church (your home), will sacrificially give and support this project. Pledge/Commitment cards will be available this Sunday and should be returned to our Executive Pastor Jim Gerlt no later than March 12. We ask your pledge/commitment cards be returned in the envelope we provide in order to maintain the privacy and security of your gift.

Allow me to speak honestly for a moment. If you are currently giving to our church budget please do not divert your contributions away from the budget in order to fund the building. If you have a desire to financially give to this building but are not currently giving to our budget let me ask you to consider giving consistently to our budget first and then look for ways you can partner with us on the building at a later date. The reality is we cannot build this building or maintain it upon completion if our personnel, ministry, and missions dollars are underfunded.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday and hope that you will participate with me in our 50 days of prayer and fasting emphasis. Mark your calendar for Encounter with Ronnie Hill April 2-5.

Your Pastor,

Jason T. Atchley

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