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MUSIC NOTES: 3.21.17



Choir:  Redeemed

Preacher:  Jason



The argument for Objective Morality is a strong argument for the existence of God.  In other words, who, exactly, decided that murder & hate & child abuse & lying & stealing, etc. are all wrong?  Science can’t prove or disprove morality in a laboratory since morality is beyond the scope of scientific method.  C.S. Lewis addresses this argument at length in his classic, “The Abolition of Man.”  Prager University’s Dennis Prager (who is not a Christian) offers very good food-for-thought here in this 5 minute video.



Even if you’re not a huge fan of “barbershop harmonies”, you’ll love this.  Recorded at the 2009 International Barbershop Competition, these guys (who won the championship) pull off a rather thrilling rendition of “76 Trombones.”  This is no “4 guys standing in front of a mic” performance.  There must be a hundred, or more, men on stage.  Note:  things really get fun around the 3:10 mark in the video.  Enjoy.


AVAILABLE THIS WED AT REHEARSAL:  “The Resurrection and You”

Former atheist, Josh McDowell, was once asked by a student (while lecturing at the University of Uruguay), “Why don’t you recant your faith?”  McDowell calmly replied, “I would except for one thing: I can’t explain away the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

Paul rightly wrote, And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith. (I Cor. 15:14)

Over the years I have given to you resources that, hopefully, have contributed to your personal spiritual growth.  Beginning this Wed (3/22), you will have available to you a free copy of Josh & Sean McDowell’s new booklet, “The Resurrection and You.”   If you omit the introduction and End Notes, the booklet is only 50 pages in length.  (I read it in about 30 minutes.)  The authors clearly intend the book to be an evangelistic tool, but it contains many well-documented facts regarding the evidence for Christ’s resurrection – evidence every believer needs to know.

This little booklet will most likely whet your appetite for more exhaustive reading on this subject.  If that’s indeed the case, please holler at me and I will recommend to you further reading.



“A Traveler Beaten to a Pulp and in Need of a Neighbor.”  This was my sermon title this past Sunday morning.

We never know when & where we’ll happen upon someone in pain and in desperate need of a neighbor.

Monday morning when I arrived at my office I was notified by one of our Admin Assts of a man who had called, had recently attempted suicide, and was in desperate need of “talking to a pastor.”  I learned that that Admin Asst (Donna Locke) had actually first visited with the man the previous Thursday when I was on vacation.  She counseled and prayed with the man.  (After learning more about the situation, I believe Donna helped that man make a decision to continue living at least through the weekend.)

Monday morning, back in the office after being off several days, I was apprised of the situation and immediately contacted the man.

He had absolutely no self-worth remaining in his heart. After an hour on the phone, the gentleman professed his faith in the life-giving love of Christ. The man, crying, then said to me, “I am going to pour out the antifreeze I was going to drink.”

Obviously, that was a powerful moment in the conversation.  What most struck me, though, was that this precious man (who lives here in the West TX Bible Belt, and is older than I am) had never heard the words of John 3:16, or other passages in the Bible expressing God’s unfathomable love for him. “Could he really love me? After all I’ve done?” this gentleman asked incredulously.

Toward the end of our conversation I asked him, “Are you sure now that, when you die, you will go to heaven?” He, again incredulously, asked, “I get to go to heaven??” After a few more minutes of conversation he was overwhelmed with emotion that, yes, he has inherited eternal life through the death & resurrection of Christ.

I cannot share the man’s name here. But please, should you have a moment, lift him up to Jesus. I am working on making sure he has the opportunity to be discipled.

Like the old hymn says, “There’s a new name written down in glory…” Hallelujah to the Lamb.  Nick


Wed. Evening, March 22nd; BHBC Worship Center; 6:30pm

March 22nd is the Wed. before the scheduled final vote (the following Sunday, 3/26) for whether or not we proceed on the new building proposal.  In preparation for that final vote we are offering this “Town Hall Meeting” for updates and discussion.  A formal recommendation as to whether or not we proceed on the building will be presented.


On March 25th (Saturday), from 2-4pm, we will head out to the (79)414 area to distribute information about the upcoming Encounter Crusade, as well as spend time prayer-walking through the neighborhood.  To help us be organized in our efforts, we’re asking everyone to “adopt a block”.  You can do so by visiting the “Adopt a Block” table in the Commons.



In preparation for the Encounter Crusade, Mike Lewis will be leading a training session for “encouragers”.   As an encourager, you will be equipped to help counsel those who make decisions during the response time at the end of each Encounter Worship Service.  The training event will begin in the Worship Center.


COTTAGE PRAYER MEETINGS (for Encounter Crusade)

Prayer Meetings are presently under way in preparation for the Encounter Crusade.  For meeting locations and times please see the BHBC E-NewsIf you are not presently receiving the BHBC E-News you can do one of three things:  (1) text BHBCNEWS to 22828  (2) email Gail White at  (3) call Gail at the church office: 806-795-5261




Sunday, April 2:  Regular services on Sunday morning;  PM service at 6.

Monday – Wed, April 3-5:  services at 7pm


QUOTE(s) of the WEEK:

“There is no University for a Christian like that of sorrow and trial.”  Charles Spurgeon

“You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out God hates all the same people you do.” Author, Anne Lamott



One of the Greatest Hollywood Laugh Scenes of All Time (in my opinion)

Clip is 3 minutes in length. Tom Hanks. “The Money Pit” (1986). Context: the house they purchased is falling apart. Room by room. Piece by piece. Here, Hanks watches his kitchen go up in flames before he hauls water up to the bathroom (the plumbing is out) where all he wants to do is soak in a tub for just a minute and forget, temporarily, about his misery. Enjoy. nw


GRACE NOTES: “Lessons from Middle Earth”

Read the blog here.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick

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