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MUSIC NOTES: 4.25.17


THIS SUNDAY, April 30th

Choir: Give Us Today (The Lord’s Prayer)

Preacher:  Jason



This Sunday, 4/30, immediately following the 10:45 worship service, we will gather in the south parking lot near the FLC to commemorate the beginning of construction on our new Educational Space.  The ceremony should only take a few minutes.

THEN…., next Tuesday afternoon, 5/2, at 4:30pm, the Chamber of Commerce will join us for yet another ceremonial “ground-breaking”.  Refreshments will be served at this one. 🙂


CAN A CHRISTIAN DRINK ALCOHOL?  (The short answer is “yes!”  The long answer is a little more complicated.)

The joke goes like this:  Protestants don’t recognize the Pope as divine; Jews don’t recognize Jesus as God; and Baptists don’t recognize one another at the liquor store. 🙂

Nowhere in Scripture will you find “thou shalt not drink alcohol.”  However, what you will find in the Bible are numerous commands not to become drunk, buzzed, intoxicated (whatever term you wanna use.)  I preached an entire sermon on this topic at my previous church entitled, “The King of Beers & the King of Kings: What is the Biblically Accurate Relationship?”  (I used the “King of Beers” because my dad was a Budweiser man. :))  I grew up in a home well stocked with booze.  My dad frequently gave me sips of his beer when I was in elementary school, then allowed me to have my first full beer when I was 12.  As most of you know, my dad was an alcoholic, finally dying from alcoholism in 2000.  I often wonder who offered him his first drink.  And that leads me to my next paragraph – and the focal point of this entry.

I stumbled upon a blog several weeks ago on this topic that I think you fill find worth your time to read and consider.  I’ve watched a disturbing trend in the past 15, or so, years.  In the “old days” drinking was seen as sinful.  As I’ve already stated, drinking is not sinful – drunkenness is sinful.  So this “old days” view was a non-biblical view.

However, in present day, drinking has become trendy and fashionable among Christians.  A very close friend of mine (in their mid 20’s) shared with me a few weeks ago that their Bible Study group at their church was having their next gathering at a local bar/club.  Now, this brings up a number of separate issues with regard to common sense and sound judgment that I don’t have time to address here.  Nevertheless, it spot-lights an issue that, in my experience, most Christians fail to consider.  And that’s the topic of the blog linked below.

Although many are very capable of “drinking in moderation” and “holding their liquor,” there are many (including myself) who cannot, and thus must abstain altogether.  One of the most powerful statements in this blog is when the author, in the third from the last paragraph, writes,The problem was, I didn’t have a ‘moderation button’ that I could push, to stop me from taking another drink when I was about to cross the line of being drunk.” 

In short, we just never know who may have a predisposition for alcoholism.  You can read the author’s thought-provoking story here.

NOTE:  The Catholic priest mentioned in the blog tells the blog’s author, “Wine is a gift from God to be enjoyed.”  (Heck – the first recorded miracle of Jesus is when he turned water into wine!)  I am almost certain the priest, when making that statement, was referring to Psalm 104:15, but this must be read in context with passages such as Proverbs 20:1 and Proverbs 23:29-35.

Enjoy, Nick



This is a solid resource for all believers because these are facts about Jesus’ life supported by ancient historical sources outside the Bible, and by liberal and/or non-believing scholars.  Enjoy.  Read the article here.


QUOTE(s) of the WEEK:

“There’s no place to hide but in the blood of the Lamb.”  A.W. Tozer



If you’ve kept up with story of United Airlines recently removing a passenger from their plane, this will make perfect sense. 🙂


GRACE NOTES:  13 Reasons Why is not merely Dark, It’s Dangerous

As of a few moments before I published this week’s E-News, my blog, “13 Reasons Why’ is not merely Dark, It’s Dangerous” has been viewed over 109,000 times.  Never in a million years did I anticipate that.  Apparently, it has struck a chord with people.  Since first posting it this past Saturday night I’ve been contacted by teenagers and counselors and parents from all over the United States. If you’re not familiar with the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”, simply read my blog.  You can read it here.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick

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