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Choir:  I Stand Upon the Rock Medley  (Fun song!)

Preacher:  Jason

NOTE: Choir, mid-week rehearsals have now ended for the summer.  Please join me each Sunday morning at 8:45 in the choir room.



At the bottom of this week’s E-News you’ll find an email I received from Glenna Applewhite concerning the information about, and help needed for, the upcoming SWOT (Singing Women of Texas) Tour & Concert.  The concert is at Calvary Baptist Church on Sat. evening, June 24th.  However, they are arriving in Lubbock the preceding day – Fri., June 23rd – for a dinner/fellowship time here at BHBC.  Of course, all are invited to the Sat. evening concert, but the Friday event is where we need a great deal of help.  I will be out of town almost that entire week but, by reading Glenna’s letter, you can see that we have wonderfully capable people leading this effort.  Again, the email, containing everything you need to know, is at the bottom of this post.  Please “plug in” where you can.  I’ve provided the link to the SWOT Lone Star Tour here.


As of June 6th…

View of the new temporary wall surrounding the west stairwell (adjacent to the elevator)

What’s left of the stairwell…

View of the courtyard from the FLC



“I can tell you that in my six-year investigation of the resurrection of Jesus that resulted in my doctorate and in a more than 700-pages book, I tried to overturn every stone that I could, to a fault. And I came to the conclusion, after that study, that the evidence for Jesus’ physical resurrection from the dead was, by far, the best historical explanation of the known and indisputable historical data.” Dr. Mike Licona (I read this book when i took Dr. Licona’s class at HBU)  When I posted this on my Facebook page, a friend made the following observation:  I find it interesting that everyone who has ever tried to disprove the resurrection of Jesus has come to the same conclusion as Dr. Licona: C.S. Lewis, Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell, just to name a few.”



“I suggest to you that, of all the [spiritual] weapons at our disposal (cited in Ephesians 6:10-18), prayer is the most vital. It must be, for Satan tries everything he can to keep us from inviting God into the battle. Satan would like to keep it just between him and us.” Pastor/author, Chuck Smith

“Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers…” (Eph. 6:18)



In the 6 1/2 minute video clip, hear the following respected scientists – all Christians – discuss the topic of science & faith: Francis Collins (NIH), Ian Hutchinson (MIT), Jonathan Feng (UC-Irvine), Ard Louis (Oxford), Rosalind Picard (MIT), Ken Miller (Brown), Troy Van Voorhis (MIT), Daniel Hasting (MIT), Praveen Sethupathy (UNC-Chapel Hill), Charmaine Royal (Duke)



Saw this 3-minute performance last week on America’s Got Talent.  A 12 year old boy absolutely blows away the audience with his extremely powerful and creative story-telling. Enjoy.



Many have asked how Kelsie is enjoying performing on the Showboat in Branson, MO.  She loves it.  Here are a few pics…



I once lived next to a guy who almost worshiped his lawn.  This guy here takes “commitment to lawn care” to an entirely different level.  Read the article here.


QUOTE(s) of the WEEK:

“The only exercise some people get is running people down and jumping to conclusions.”  Unknown

“Jesus cannot be just ‘liked’. His claims make us either kill him or crown him.” Timothy Keller




GRACE NOTES:  The Story of God

“This is not a fairy tale, but rather it is the Story all fairy tales are about,” writes author/speaker, Greg Koukl.  Read the blog here.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick  (Email from Glenna regarding SWOT is below)


Here are the details concerning our SWOT Lone Star Tour:

The Singing Women of Texas consists of 8 groups from all over the state and 130 of us will be on tour across Texas from June 19 through June 25.  We will start in San Marcos and move to San Antonio.  We will sing 2 full concerts, minister at a nursing home, work in a shelter for the homeless, and sing at the Lockhart Women’s Prison.  Each night we will give a full concert at different sites.  We will travel to Lubbock on June 23 and have a catered meal in the Family Life Center here at Bacon Heights about 7:00 that evening.  (This is where you come in but I will get to that later.)  We will have a game night fellowship in the FLC.  Our mission day will be Saturday, the 24th and we will field 4 ministry groups.  In the morning and early afternoon 60+ of us will work at Lubbock Impact and Mission Lubbock painting, cleaning, sorting clothes, and prayer walking through each facility.  In the afternoon about 60 more of our group will travel to both Raider Ranch and Ventura Holiday House to give short concerts for the residents there.  At 7:00 p.m. the entire group will be in concert at Calvary Baptist Church to benefit Lubbock Impact.  Admission is free and a love offering will be taken for Lubbock Impact with 100% going to them.  I am the hostess for this leg of the journey and am assisted by Lisa Gentry of SWOT-West Texas, Glynna Penney of SWOT-West Central and West’s new director, Lela Harris of SWOT-Panhandle.

Here is how you can “Be the Church” in support of this mission effort to the folks in Lubbock.

1. Pray for this mission.  We will be traveling a long way so pray for traveling grace.  We will need our health and our voices to do the work we intend to do.  We will need each place we serve to be bathed in prayer.

2.  The fellowship needs include bottled water and canned drinks.  Joyce Rowe ( Joyce will need to get the key, Mike) has offered to be sure that we are set and ready to go on that day, but she cannot do all of it.  Some of you will surely be needed at whatever time Joyce is ready that day to set up.  This would be those of you who have said previously that you would help. (See list below of those signed up)  We will let you know.  We will arrive about 6:30 into Lubbock after traveling from San Antonio.  Our meal is catered about 7:30 and included in the price of our trip so you would not have to set up that the caterer will, but dessert set-up for the evening and fellowship time needs those drinks to be ready.  I have ordered cake for 200 and I have included all you helpers in dessert and drinks during the fellowship just not the meal.  My cake lady will also be arriving from Midland to set up the cake.

3.  We are having a game night so we need a game theme on every table.  Such as in the middle of one table the game could be Jokers and Marbles and another might be dominoes or Spinner or Chicken Foot.  If the adult choir members could help with this set-up by getting together games and putting them out that would be great.  One or two tables might have adult coloring books and colored pencils.

4.  We need a set up of tables and chairs to seat 140-200 for SWOT and however many we think will be there from BHBC Adult Choir and/or Sunday School Class.  Plus we need serving tables set for caterer and for dessert/drinks for the fellowship.

5.  We also need some folks at the FLC to greet the ladies as they arrive.  With our construction this is even more important.  We need someone outside to show buses where to park, we need folks to assist ladies off the buses, we need door monitors at the east entrance.  We need to be sure that everyone knows where the restrooms are located.

6.  We will provide a little entertainment in the form of a 3-5 piece preview concert for you who come to help.

7.  We will need a clean up crew too.  If everyone there from BHBC pitches in it can be done quickly.

List of volunteers I already have for helping Joyce:

Jan Johnson

Dianne Murphy

Eddie Ruth Andrews

Kay Newberry

Sue Cowan

Coretta Kerr (Can help with early set up but cannot be there that night, I think)

Sharon Barber

Dorothy Hargrove

Pat Douglas

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