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MUSIC NOTES: 11.6.17

As John recorded in the passage above, when Christ is lifted up – as has been the primary objective at BHBC for 50 years – people are saved.

This coming Sunday, Nov. 12th, we are commemorating the inception – and subsequent half-century of growth – of the local Body known as Bacon Heights Baptist Church.


10:30am – One worship service.  No SUMMIT Groups. 

Noon-3pm – “Come & Go” reception in the Family Life Center.


Jerry Joplin:  Lead Pastor; 2002-2014

Darold Baldwin:  Assoc Pastor; 1985-1988

Mike Bedford: Music/Youth:  music 76-80 and youth 76-78

Truman Johnson:  Senior Adult;  2008-2016

Stace McEWin: Children’s Pastor; 1993-199?

Zane Bartel: Ed/Admin;  1984 – 1997?

Mika McDaniel: Preschool;  1997 – 2004

Reagan Miller: Education; 2000 – 2005?

Paul Kenley:  Music 69-70; Music/Youth 72-24


THIS SUNDAY, Nov. 12th

Choir:  The Majesty & Glory of Your Name (with video background)

Preacher:  Jerry Joplin


I listened as one commentator asked, “What makes a person walk into, of all places – a church – and begin shooting people??”

I looked at my wife and said, “The same thing that makes a person abuse a child.  The same thing that makes a husband beat his wife.  It’s called evil.”

A friend called and asked, “Are y’all ok?  Is your church safe?”  I replied that, in addition to having hired a uniformed policeman to patrol our hallways on Wed. evenings, we have a number of armed church members.  “Are you scared?”, they asked.  I said calmly, “No, I’m not.”

John, the disciple, reminded his readers that, despite Christ having ultimately conquered death and the grave, for now “…the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.”   In other words, until Christ returns evil will always be present.  But we should not – we cannot – live life in fear.  Paul wrote to Timothy, “God did not give us a spirit of fear.”   Should we be smart? Cautious? Prepared? Absolutely.  Fearful?  No.

So, the question should not be, “Are you afraid?”, but rather, “Are you ready?”  Because whether it’s a nut-case walking into a church with a rifle, or being hit by a drunk driver, or a sudden heart-attack, we all know that death is a part of life.

God prompted the author of Hebrews to give us a sobering warning:  we all have an appointment with death; and after that, judgment.

The question is:  Are you ready?



Pastor Jason will be teaching this Wed. evening (11/8) due to my needing to be out of town.

On Wed., Nov. 15th, we will begin spending a couple of weeks studying “the Bible Jesus read”: the Old Testament.

Jesus, himself, continually used the Old Testament scriptures to give evidence of Himself as messiah and God.  To the religious leaders of the day, Jesus said, “You study the Scriptures [the Old Testament] diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me.”  (John 5:39)

While it would take years to systematically study all 39 books of the Old Testament, we will, following a brief introduction to the Old Testament, zero in on three books: Job, Psalms & Proverbs.

NOTE 1: We had a tremendous crowd last Wed night for our study on Heaven, specifically studying what our passed-on loved ones are doing there now.  If you missed, you can access the Bacon Heights Facebook link here.

NOTE 2:  So as to avoid the lengthy holiday break, we will begin our systematic study of Revelation when we resume in January, 2018.

Join me on Nov. 15th as we dive deep into “the Bible Jesus read.”



“The enemy…makes a tour of inspection of our [character]… Where he finds us *weakest and most defective*…he attacks at that point… Little by little, he tries to achieve his own purposes, by dragging the soul down to his secret designs and corrupt purposes.” Ignatius of Loyola, 1491-1556, writing of the subtle, systematic, almost unnoticed wiles of the devil




GRACE NOTES:  Purging Purgatory from “Biblical” Teaching

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Soli Deo Gloria, Nick

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