All You Wanted to Know about the BHBC Music Ministry (and more)




Choir:  Lord, I Need You

Preacher:  Jason (Haggai 1:1-2:1)


UPDATE:  Most recent estimated date of completion is August.

Was able to tour the progress on the 2nd floor (3rd floor if you include basement).  Here are a few pics:

Looking southwest toward Slide Rd…

Looking due west…

Looking northwest toward 53rd.  This wide-angle view helps give some perspective as to just how huge this addition is going to be. (And an enormous amount of square footage is still not within view in this photo.)

Looking northwest.  A closer view.  The AC units will be moved to the roof and the unfinished floor will be filled with concrete to match the side facing 54th St.

Basement.  Where the lower courtyard used to be located, adjacent to Childrens Ministry area.  Ceiling will be left “exposed’ and painted black, which is common in many restaurants to give that “industrial feel.”  We’ve also considered making this room a dance floor.  Just kidding.  Sort of.



Before wading into the “what will be” section of Revelation (which commences in chapter 4), this week we finish up the “things that are” with Jesus’ letters to the 7 churches of ancient Asia Minor.  Of the seven letters, three remain in chapter 3: Sardis, Philadephia (not the one in Pennsylvania), and Laodicea.   These letters are pregnant with timeless lessons and warnings for the church of modern day. Join me, nw



On those who irresponsibly preach about Christ’s second coming (setting dates; arrogantly dogmatic in the position they hold regarding yet-to-happen prophetic events; etc)…

“I am sure the devil hates the teaching of the Lord’s [second] coming by the crack-pots he’s sent to preach about it.” Late 19th century Boston pastor, Dr. A.J. Gordon

My objective during our Wed. evening study together is to simply exposit the scriptures as well as share my conviction when necessary for helpful biblical interpretation.  But, most of all, I pray that the Holy Spirit ignites such a hunger in you for His Word that you, on your own, do the hard work of wrestling with these passages in a responsible manner.  nw



Her:  I’m exhausted. I was up until 4am with the baby.

Him:  It’s probably not good to keep a baby up that late.  (That’s how the fight started)


Frustration is trying to find your glasses – without your glasses.


GRACE NOTES:  Lean on Me (The gospel according to Bill Withers)

Read the blog (and listen to the song) here.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick

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