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MUSIC NOTES: 2.13.18


THIS SUNDAY, Feb. 11th

Choir:  Shine on Us

Preacher:  Jason

NOTENO REHEARSAL this week for, both, Adult Choir and Praise Team due to the Valentine holiday.  However, I will still teach at 6:30pm for those able to attend this week’s class on Revelation.  (see below for more info)


First of all – there is no news to share at this time. (Sorry!) But I did want to assure you of a couple of things: 

  1. The people you voted to serve on the Search Team “get it.” I have been given the privilege of attending every meeting and have been impressed with their desire to “not settle,” but rather to take whatever time necessary to find the person Christ has set apart for this role in our church.  They are 100% unified in this conviction.
  2. In addition, I have enjoyed and appreciated the team’s honesty, humility and willingness to boldly share individual convictions.  Simply put, there are zero “yes men” on this team.

The team, chaired by Larry Vialle, is working prayerfully and diligently.  Lift them to Christ!  nw



A dear friend sent me this photo (below) over the weekend. I must confess – when I saw it my heart leapt within my chest as it helped remind me how my son, Jordan, may have very well spent his first moments when he entered Paradise.

For everyone who has lost a loved one – know this: they don’t miss us.   And they would never want to return to this fallen, corrupt planet. Because of the Cross and the Empty Tomb they are right now experiencing unfathomable joy and peace.

A reunion is coming… nw


The 5th chapter of Revelation has a special meaning in my life.  I’ll explain why on Wed. evening, Feb. 14th, at 6:30.  Additionally, we’ll join the disciple, John, in the throne room of heaven as supernatural drama unfolds in the moments leading up to God unleashing his righteous judgment on a sinful, rebellious world.  Join me as we continue mining the scriptures and discovering what God has to tell us through this fascinating book.  nw


Lots of pics!  Here we go….

Exterior framing began going up this past week

This week, sheet-rock is going up (it’s beginning to “take shape”)

View of first floor from inside our main hallway (sorry – had to take the pics through a very dirty window 🙂 )

Views of top floor framing from northwest, and south parking lot

Basement hallway (childrens ministry area); view from the west

Huge basement classroom (where the lower courtyard used to be); view from west, then from east

New washer & dryer in a newly remodeled area of the Preschool Ministry




“Some people want to live within the sound of chapel bells; but I want to run a mission a yard from the gates of hell.”  Steve Camp, Run to the Battle



For those who may be unaware – there has been a moronic trend among teens to eat Tide Pods.  It’s been dubbed the Tide Pod Challenge.  Many have been rushed to their local ER.  I saw this meme last week that was written, obviously, for all the mental giants choosing to consume laundry detergent. (I clearly remember eating dirt as a kid – but never laundry detergent.) 🙂


GRACE NOTES:  He’s Not a Tame Lion

Behold Jesus Christ: the wild, terrifying, untamable Lion of Judah.

Read the blog here.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick

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