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MUSIC NOTES: 2.27.28

Whether we’re ready for it or not – March is here.  Remember when we had winter?  Me neither.


This Sunday, March 4th

Choir:  Lord of My Life

Preacher: Jason (complete primary text: Matthew 18:21-35)


THIS WEDNESDAY, Feb. 28th, at 6:30, BHBC Worship Center; our Search Team will give a report to our church regarding their search.

You need to be there.

If you’re not there – and you find out later what was said – you’ll regret you missed it.


Week 7, What Have We Learned So Far?

It’s been almost 2 months since we began diving into the deep end of the book of Revelation.  We’ve studied a ton of content and it’s time to take a look back.  Join me Wed. evening at 6:30 as we review the underpinning truths we learned so far in Ch’s 1-5.  If you’ve not yet had a chance to attend, this is a perfect time to begin joining us.  nw


MAJOR BIBLICAL DISCOVERY: Archaeologists may have found the Prophet Isaiah’s ‘signature’

Also note later in the article the number of recent archaeological discoveries that continue to support the Bible’s historicity.

NOTE: not a single discovery to date has contradicted the Bible.  Read the article here.



Don’t think what you do matters?  You never know about the harvest that may result from your love and kindness and your willingness to share your faith.

Thank you, Edward Kimball, for simply being faithful to serve the Lord.




GRACE NOTES:  The Joy of Helping the Hurting

Read the blog here.


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick

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