All You Wanted to Know about the BHBC Music Ministry (and more)

For those who were unable to make the meeting last night (2/28) – and for those who were there but may need clarification.

The Music/Pastoral Care Search Team, chairman, Larry Vialle, presented the following report.  I’m sharing info below in brief “bullet-points”.  Upon request, you are absolutely welcome to see a copy of the exact report.  Here is what was presented:

After much prayer and discussion the Search Team voted to modify the model of our original search objective. This was influenced by the following reasons: 

  1. It was becoming increasingly clear how difficult it is to find one individual who felt a true calling to all of the pastoral roles included in the job description of “Associate Pastor of Worship & Pastoral Care” i.e. proficient in choral rehearsals & directing, worship leading skills in both traditional & contemporary genres, Sr. Adult ministry, and hospital/nursing home visitation.
  2. By dividing the role up into three separate part-time positions – and thereby making the roles more “skill-set specific” – we are able to “cast a much wider net” in our search for qualified candidates.


The original model has now been divided into three part-time pastoral roles.  Here are those roles:

  1. Choral director – this person will oversee and lead all aspects of our choral ministry i.e. rehearsals, leading the choir on Sunday mornings, and any musicals and/or choral presentations.  This person will not lead the music/worship in the 9:15 worship service.  Glenna Applewhite has graciously agreed to serve as our Interim Choral Director.  She begins serving on March 21st.
  2. Contemporary worship leader – this person will oversee and lead all aspects of the music/worship in the 10:45 worship service i.e. Praise Team rehearsals, worship service planning, etc.  Nick Watts will continue leading until this role is filled.
  3. Pastor of Sr. Adults & Pastoral Care – this person will oversee and lead all aspects of our Sr. Adult Ministry as well as be the primary pastor for hospital visitation (this is exactly what Truman Johnson was doing in his part-time role before he retired.)  Tom Heath has graciously agreed to serve as our Interim Sr. Adult/Pastoral Care Pastor.
  4. NOTE:  The Choral Director & Contemporary Worship Leader will report directly to the Pastor of Ministries, Nick Watts.


So, if the Choral director is not leading the music/worship in the 9:15 service, who is?

  1. Well,… Nick Watts will continue this role on a permanent basis – until he dies, I guess.  Or we decide to do something different sometime down the line. 🙂  (I am filled with joy to be able to continue leading musically in this small capacity.)


Why did the church not need to vote on this?

  1. Simply, because all three roles will be part-time.  The BHBC Bylaws – discussed and voted on by the entire church – clearly state that all part-time positions are to be interviewed and hired by our Personnel Team.
  2. Since the Personnel Team comprises the Search Team this was a seamless process.


Was this a unanimous decision by the Search/Personnel Team?

  1. 100%.  Not only was it unanimous – it was excitedly unanimous.  This team is not afraid to voice their opinions, regardless of whether they’re in the majority, or not.  In other words, no member of this Search Team is going to sit silently and allow someone else’s idea to be imposed on them.  That said, as discussion ensued, there was not a single doubt from the team about this modified model being exactly what would best benefit BHBC.  They are strongly and happily unified.
  2. The BHBC pastoral staff is also strongly unified.  This model change was presented last week in Staff Meeting.  Not one concern was voiced.  On the contrary, there was much excitement.


Will this new model of hiring three part-time pastors be more expensive than the original model?

  1. Nope.  Not only does it not cost more – it costs less.
  2. Since those working part-time do not require us to fund medical insurance or retirement, we are actually coming in under the original estimated budget associated with the original model.


When will this transition take place?

  1. The roles of the Choral Director and Sr. Adult/Pastoral Care leaders take place almost immediately since qualified interims were quickly found to serve while we search for permanent leaders.
  2. It is not necessary to find an interim for the Contemporary Worship Leader since Nick will continue to cover this responsibility until that candidate is found.   Of course, since this particular role of Contemporary Worship leader now comes with a specific, focused skill-set we could very well find someone sooner than later.
  3. To answer this question specifically, though, the transition will gradually take place as all three roles become filled.


Do we now have candidates for these new roles?

  1. Not really.  Again, we only made this public yesterday evening.
  2. Please – if you know someone who might well fill one of these roles contact Larry Vialle or the church office!


Final Word:

Please lift this Search Team to Christ.  May we be sensitive, always, to His leadership and guidance.  My friends, you can trust this Team.  We are all eager to find the people who Christ has already chosen – but, do not worry, there is no panic among the Team to simply “fill a position.” We will take as long as necessary to find God’s leaders for BHBC.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 


Soli Deo Gloria, Nick



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