All You Wanted to Know about the BHBC Music Ministry (and more)

MUSIC NOTES: 4.24.18

This Sunday, April 29th

Choir:  God Shall Wipe Away All Tears

Preacher:  Jason  (Primary text: Matthew 7:24-29)


From the Search/Personnel Team:

The Personnel Committee along with the Church Staff are proud to announce the hiring of Mackenzee Clevenger as our Interim Contemporary Worship Leader. Machenzee is not new to Bacon Heights – she is coming home to Bacon Heights. Her family were long time members of BHBC before leaving to help plant The Heights Fellowship several years ago. Machenzee has served as the Worship Leader for ELife Plains, TX campus the previous four years and comes highly recommended. She has a genuine spirit about her and a true desire to lead the church to worship Christ. Please help us welcome Machenzee Clevenger…HOME!

From me:

I am extremely encouraged – nay, excited – about bringing Machenzee on to our team.  After twice having the opportunity to visit with her at length about her life, love for Jesus Christ, love for people, and philosophy of leading Christian music in worship, I am thrilled about the Search Team’s decision.  Her humility, along with her musical talent, is a valued addition to our leadership team.

I told Machenzee,

“Obviously, Christ will use you mightily to help us grow in our devotion to him, but this I know from personal experience: Christ will use the people of BHBC to help you grow in your devotion as well.  The love present in this local Body is strong, healthy and infectious.”

Machenzee will lead with me this Sunday, 4/29, in both services.  Then, on Sunday, 5/6, she’ll take over in the late service.  As already presented to the church last October, I will continue to lead the early service.  When I am out, Machenzee will easily lead in my absence; and vice-versa when she is out.

Why “Interim?”

One of the Search Team members recommended that we approach the role of Contemporary Music/Worship Leader the same way we’ve approached the other two part-time roles: Choral Director (Glenna Applewhite) and Sr. Adult Pastor (Tom Heath), who are both presently serving in an interim capacity.  The Team was unanimous in agreement.  This allows all involved some time to get a better feel of things as we continue to pray about permanence.

I will serve as, both, Glenna’s & Machenzee’s immediate supervisor, and am so honored to do everything in my power to set them up for success.

Questions?  don’t hesitate to ask.


The Hebrew word, “selah,” found repeatedly in the Psalms, is thought by scholars to be an ancient musical term used in the Hebrew psalter meaning, in essence, “pause and think about that.”

The following is worth  pausing and thinking about…

In the first century, the church had no spot-lights, smoke machines, electric instruments or sound systems. Not once is it remotely suggested the leaders were concerned with fashion or creating an “atmosphere of worship” by dimming the lights. I could go on.

But, somehow – void of all modern-day trappings of Christian worship – and under horrifically intense persecution – the church exploded in growth and influence.

No soapbox here. Just an observation. nw

We’re at the point where it’s difficult to take any photos as the interior is either occupied by tradesmen, or locked up to prevent people from getting hurt.  But, rest assured that great strides are being made.  Of the many examples of progress: if you’re in the neighborhood at nighttime note the bright exterior/security lighting that’s been installed around the perimeter of the FLC.

OF NOTE: the elevator remains out-of-service until further notice.  Access to downstairs is available by using the new west stairwell (adjacent to the elevator.)


Before you get ticked off – don’t be.  The only reason I share this FOX News headline here is to lovingly remind us all to never expect non-Christians to act like Christians.  As such, it should never alarm or upset us when ridiculous articles like this are published.  (You can read the article here.)

Additionally, what we have here are experts in fashion rating literature, which is laughable.  Following this logic, I should publish an article on why theoretical physics is overrated.  I would have no idea what I’m talking about.  And neither does GQ.  I do like what NYT best-selling author, Eric Metaxas, had to say about this article:

“If there is a person on the planet who cares what GQ Magazine has to say about literature, I’d love to meet that person. And pray for him.”


This has been a thrilling ride.  We’ve made it through 10 chapters, studying each one verse-by-verse.

After finishing the first 5 chapters we paused to review and take inventory of what we’d learned so far. This seemed to deepen our collective learning.

That said, now having completed chapter 10, we will review and take inventory of chapters 6-10.

At the end of this week’s class I will offer two things:

  1. A preview of what’s to come when we resume our study of Revelation in August.
  2. We will party a little.  (This may, or may not, involve my daughter, Kelsie.) 🙂

See you Wed. evening, 4/25, at 6:30pm. nw


On the topic of depression – and how critical it is we, who suffer from depression, have a community of people who love us…J.R.R. Tolkien, in his Lord of the Rings trilogy, describing when Orcs are most likely to attack, wrote:

“…in dark and loneliness they are the strongest; they will not openly attack a house where there are lights and many people.”

Those of us who suffer need a loving community of people who gently remind us of what is true: that “Jesus is the light of the world and that those who follow him will not walk in darkness…”


GRACE NOTES:  The Exorcists: A Word about Demonic Possession

The Catholic Church recently had their annual Exorcism Convention.  I felt I needed to make some things about demonic possession clear.

Read the blog here.

Soli Deo Gloria, Nick

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