All You Wanted to Know about the BHBC Music Ministry (and more)


Nick Watts
Lubbock, TX

Bio: On May 13, 2013, my 19 year old son took his own life. Jordan loved Jesus Christ with all of his heart, but suffered from clinical depression. Jordan, however, suffers no more. 🙂 I began blogging as a means of "therapy." When I write, it helps. My wife, Michelle, and i married in 1985. In addition to our son, Jordan, we have two wonderful daughters. We all are simply on this journey called "life", trying to make sense of it all. We're a dysfunctional lot. But, as I've told people, we try our best to keep the "fun" in dysfunctional. I have served in full-time vocational ministry since 1983. However, i did not grow up in a Christian, church-going home. Rather, I grew up in an extremely violent home environment. My dad, a horribly abuse alcoholic, died of alcoholism in 2000. I spent most of my childhood years simply trying to protect my mom and two younger sisters. So, in light of my childhood, and, most recently, the death of my son, why would I choose to to continue to believe in God? Because, through it all, He's never abandoned me. He's been faithful - true to His Word. But, more than that, His love for me in Christ Jesus gives meaning & purpose to life - and death. And while this world shifts back & forth and, at times, feels as though it's caving in, God's Word remains a rock solid "true north." And when someone suggests that, if God really cared, He would've prevented my son from being clinically depressed and, consequently, taking his life - I simply respond with this: Not only did God care, but twenty centuries ago He "put on skin", entered into this horrible mess mankind has created on earth and, just outside of Jerusalem, gave His life so that we might have (1) meaning & hope now, and (2) life, eternally. Because of the cross and the empty tomb (to this day, no one can explain away the resurrection of Jesus Christ), I will one day join my son, who, today, is in Paradise with Christ.

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